When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 50

They went to a restaurant located in the shopping center.  

It was rush hour, there were many people so they had to wait for a while. The  dining room they walked into had a spacious dark red sofa and soft lightning.  The bright night-lights were reflected in the windows, quiet and very heart warming.

Xu Xu sat on the sofa and received a menu from the waiter. She had flipped a few pages, when the sofa space beside her slightly sunk, a familiar warm air, close yet far, surrounded her.

Ji Bai placed their coats and bags on the opposite side. He then sat next to Xu Xu, one arm resting on the sofa behind her and watched her place the order.

As far as Xu Xu was concerned, now that they were lovers, physical closeness was perfectly justified. Moreover, she also liked Ji Bai’s physique. She raised her eyes and smiled at him, took the initiative and moved a little bit closer.

Ji Bai smiled to himself.

The two of them patiently looked at the menu.

Ji Bai’s favorite was perch fishes, Xu Xu flipped to that page and asked: “Master, do you want steamed or braised bass?”

Ji Bai leaned close to her ear, and said in a deep voice: “What did you just call me?”

Xu Xu turned to look at him.

She recalled the nicknames that the people in love around her used, it should be similar. Xu Xu considered for a bit and opened her mouth to say: “Ji Bai? Honey? Ji Bai Bai? What do you prefer?”

Ji Bai laughed.

He softly reminded: “At Beijing, what did you call me?”

Third brother;  Ji third, third brother Ji. He had liked her calling him so with a soft and gentle voice, with a kind of dependency and tempting feel, making him feel itchy and also comfortable.

Xu Xu very simply said: “Third brother Ji.”  

“Hmm” Ji Bai immediately gently replied, his dark eyes lit with a slight smile and he stared at her.

The reply was obviously very simple, but it caused Xu Xu’s face to become hot. She flipped through the menu for a while, then she suddenly realized, the tone and ji Bai’s eyes just then… was he teasing her?

He teased very well.

Xu Xu wasn’t the type to a la carte or be timid while ordering food like other girls.  She quickly selected a few dishes, then asked Ji Bai: “Is it okay?”

She had a strong leading stance as if she was the boyfriend.

Ji Bai, of course, agreed. It was common as eating, the girlfriend will arrange it from now on, it was pleasant and there was one less problem to worry about.

What’s more? Everything she ordered were his favorites, they understood each other so well.

However, when Ji Bai mentioned this, Xu Xu faintly said: “It’s not understanding, I’ve studied your preferences.”

These words really made Ji Bai feel content, he raised his eyes to look at her, and smiled: “Oh, then what’s your conclusion?”

The meal ended with a sweet atmosphere, it was later than nine when Ji Bai took Xu Xu home.

The night wind was cool, the light of the apartment complex was dim, and shadows of trees were shaking. They stood face to face.  

Although he wanted to stay with her longer but they had just come back from a business trip, and she looked worn out so Ji Bai said: “Go, see you tomorrow.”

Xu Xu nodded but didn’t move.

Today, he was wearing a simple white shirt with black trousers. Under the streetlight, his figure looked even taller and his face was, even more, carefree (shenyi) and handsome.

Xu Xu allowed her heart rate to accelerate in her chest, she stared into his eyes: “Yesterday at Sichuan district, when it rained, did you…”

Before Xu Xu could finish, her waist was tightly held within seconds, Ji Bai pulled her into his arms. Xu Xu glanced to see his lips slightly curled up; his head lowered and his soft lips once again gently touched on her head.

His voice was exceptionally soft and warm: “ What were you saying… is it this?”

Xu Xu silently nodded, yes, It’s this feeling.

“Thank you… then I’m going up.” The objective was achieved, and Xu Xu was extremely satisfied. Who knew that when she pushed him away, Ji Bai didn’t let go of her but instead he locked her tightly in his embrace.   

Their bodies were stuck together. The two embraced each other silently for a few seconds, Xu Xu suddenly felt that Ji Bai’s face seemed to move down following the bangs on her forehead.

The surrounding was extremely peaceful, only their breaths entwined. She could even feel his straight nose bridge touch her cheek, little by little rubbing down. Obviously a very slight touch but it made the skin on her body sensitive and to tense up.

At this time, Ji Bai had lowered his head to the same level as her face. His dark and deep eyes were looking at her, there was no trace of a smile, and his lips quickly pressed down.

The cool yet warm breath of the man encircled her as he kissed her very passionately. He paused to rub her lips for a moment before his tongue firmly slipped in.

It felt a bit strange to Xu Xu, but it also made her very comfortable and even made her throb with excitement. She didn’t know how to respond with her tongue, and could only stand straight up in his arms, she slightly looked up so he could easily ravage her lips.

Ji Bai’s movements were very intense, he used his strength slightly as if wanting to crush her lips. He had been craving her lips for so long, moreover, her taste was as fresh as he had imagined. After kissing passionately for a while, Ji Bai was somewhat satisfied and left Xu Xu’s lips.

They stared at each other in close proximity. Ji Bai held Xu Xu’s chin, his callused fingers gently stroked her soft skin.

“How does it feel?” Ji Bai’s voice was slightly hoarse with a faint smile. As if there were waves flowing in the depth of his eyes: “Do you like it when I kiss you?”

Xu Xu thought: he’s teasing me again.
She nodded and replied to Ji Bai: “It feels great… third brother Ji!”  

Sure enough, before she could finish, the smile of his lips deepened, he lowered his head to kiss her passionately again.

When Xu Xu went in, her lips were red and swollen, and her cheeks were also flushed red. Because Ji Bai had hugged her a little tightly, it had caused her shirt to be slightly disheveled.

Xu Jun was at home alone that night and ate unappetizing delivered food. After he had finished dinner, he had immediately gone straight to his little sister’s apartment to wait. With his experience in love, seeing her appearance, he immediately understood the problem. He especially had the feeling of “The family has a matured daughter”, and was assured and relaxed. But he was also somewhat displeased with the man who had kissed his sister to this level. Darn, already kissed on the first day of confirming the relationship? Very vigorous.

After she arrived home, Xu Xu immediately went to take a shower. While taking the shower, she started humming, a very rare phenomenon. Hearing her hum, Xu Jun felt as if his heart was scratched with claws. He waited until she finished, and sat on the couch blow drying her hair, Xu Jun spoke slowly: “Your progress is quite fast, when are you going to bring him back to introduce him to me?”

Xu Xu nodded: “A while more until we have substantial progress, I’ll bring him back to see you.”

Xu  Jun furrowed his brow: “What’s substantial progress?”

Xu Xu replied: “When our feelings are deeper and more stable.”

Xu Jun breathed out in relief but felt a little sad.  

After a while, the two siblings sat on the balcony watching the city lights on a dark night.

“Ji Bai” Xu Jun said: “A Beijing man, age 28, he joined the criminal team at Lin city seven and half years ago. His reputation is quite famous. He has very broad connections in the police system. I couldn’t find out anything but can probably guess his family background. Honestly, a family background like that will give you quite a lot of pressure in the future.

Xu Xu replied: “He doesn’t feel that his family background is important, why should I care about it?”

Xu Jun thought Xu Xu’s answer was too idealistic and childish. He thought for a moment and asked: “You said that you are suitable with low difficulty technical men. Although I haven’t associated with Ji Bai but I can guess that he isn’t simple. Do you feel that you would able to control him?”

Xu Xu was silent for a moment then replied: “In the past, I always hoped for love which would be same like it is with work, to be within my control. But after I liked someone, I realized that I don’t want to control him. He knows what I’m thinking so I can wholeheartedly treat him well, this is the most important.”

The next day at work, Ji Bai went to the director’s office.

“Xu Xu and I have established a relationship.” He went straight to the point: “I’ve come to tell you this..”

The director looked at him, and slowly spoke: “I have no objection at the subject, but remember to pay attention to your image in the office.”

Ji Bai smiled: “Of course, I have always been able to differentiate between work and private business. Xu Xu is also the same. “

Before leaving, Ji Bai said: “Please tell deputy director Liu, so she can be happy for me.”

The director laughed: “This boy, he’s so ruthless.”

They were very understanding, they both pretended that nothing happened.

The bell rang indicating that work hours had started, Ji Bai indifferently walked into his office. Xu Xu looked straight ahead, seeing him, his tone and expression were composed: “Boss!” there was, even more, distance than before.

The police team had heard some baseless rumors. But seeing their attitude, they were very doubtful. At lunchtime, Zhao Han secretly said to Lao Wu: “They have broken up?”

Lao Wu laughed: “You really don’t have eyes, only being together, they would be like that.”

There was no major case in the city; so it was peaceful for the criminal investigation team, and the weekend quickly arrived.

Ji Bai knew that they’d been progressing very fast, he had kissed her within the day of confirming the relationship.

But he was a man… moreover an older unmarried man, it’s reasonable that he was physical and mentally more matured and to want more which was understandable. Of course, it didn’t mean he wanted to eat her now, she certainly wouldn’t be willing, perhaps she would even feel that it was too abrupt. He also hoped, their every step of progress would be solid and firm.

But simply because of man’s natural instinct, it always urged him to be intimate with her and linger on her a little more.

Saturday morning, Ji Bai cleaned up the house, prepared a few love songs in a music disc, movie disc, food and red wine. After that, he happily called Xu Xu: “Do you have time to come to my house today?”

Xu Xu smiled and replied: “No need to go your house, I’ve arranged the location and contents for today.”

Ji Bai was surprised and happy; the little girl is also really thoughtful.

However, Ji Bai didn’t expect the location that Xu Xu arranged was the police academy.

Watching the solemn buildings, tall trees, groups of students running in front, and also the saying “Loyalty, responsibility, strive” on the wall, Ji Bai smiled and asked Xu Xu: “What’s the next activity? Visit the dorm? Eight Honors Education? Or go to the CRDA to look at case records to enhance professional skills?”

It was none of them.

Xu Xu took him to the “South Side Hall” in the police academy’s library.

This was where they did video shows of the police academy, there were seven or eight rows of seats, it could accommodate up to forty to fifty people. Xu Xu led Ji Bai to the middle of the row to sit down and handed him popcorn and soda from under the seat. After that, the lights dimmed, the screen in front flashed, Ji Bai could only conclude now that Xu Xu had brought him to watch movies.

The scene was showing an American crime movie of high IQ criminals, the content was heavy and bloody, so it hadn’t released in the country. This move was very much compatible with Ji Bai’s taste; Xu Xu also was very engrossed.

After a while, Ji Bai looked around the empty rows of seats. Although today was the weekend, but still not to have anyone else.  

“Why isn’t there anyone else?” Ji Bai stared at her, asked softly.

Her answer was what he had expected: “Yesterday, I went to ask my teacher to reserve the room for me, for private use, to be the place for our date.” After finishing, she continued to watch the movie attentively.

Ji Bai stared at her calm face under the hazy light, he couldn’t help but laugh. After a while, he tilted his head to kiss her: “From now on, you should make your boyfriend do these things, you only need to demand what you want.”

After they finished watching the movie, Ji Bai brought Xu Xu to his home like he wished.

After dinner, they cuddled on the sofa watching tv. Ji Bai hugged her shoulders and asked: “As a boyfriend, can I make a request?”

Xu Xu remembered the advised “Not to have sex too early” of her brother, she asked seriously: “What’s the request?”

Ji Bai: “It’s a simple request, you only need to move your feet.”

Feet? Xu Xu thought, she immediately understood the situation.  She looked at his tall and strong body and became a little dry inside, but she didn’t protest, and replied: “Well, I can try.”

Ji Bai let go of her and stood up, and walked into another room. Xu Xu took the mobile out and searched on Baidu “crash course on walking on back” and “beginner walking on back skills” She took her shoes off, waited barefoot.

Xu Xu quickly looked over the instructions. At this time, Ji Bai was back, his hand was carrying the familiar blue sandals. Seeing her barefoot, he laughed: “You guessed it?”

Xu Xu looked at the shoes in his hand, and nodded: “Hmm, I guessed it.”

After putting on the shoes, Xu Xu frowned like last time: “I still think it’s nothing special.”

Ji Bai intently stared at her feet, then  replied: “Okay, take it off.”

Last time, Xu Xu had heard brother theories about women’s fashion style and makeup.  She guessed that Ji Bai might like this style. She directly asked: “Have you see enough?

JI Bai did not answer but picked the shoes to put them back.
Enough? Of course, it was not enough.  The longer he looked at her delicate white feet, the more addicted he felt, and the sexual urge kept rising up. But they had only been official for a few days. He shouldn’t look any longer.  


Edited by No.5 proofreader. 

// Wish all the readers a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2016 from proofreader no. 5.. this chapter was a lot to take in for me, I almost had a nosebleed, was it hot or what! I don’t think if I’ll be able to take any thing more (I might expire, you know) and I know there will be a lot more to come!

Fun Fact: This chapter was posted by the author on New year too a few years ago.

How was it? Was it too hot for you? It took me a while to do the translation because of the details *coughs the kiss*

Happy New year ^^ Best wishes


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    • Remember they went to buy shoes before? well the sandals that he went back to buy because he thought it looked really nice on her. Her white + delicate feet is attractive to him so yeah..

      • Ah… thanks remembered it —I was like “does he want to give her a foot massage? XD”
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