When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 51

This summer, for most people in Lin city, was hot, peaceful, and ordinary.

As for Xu Xu and Ji Bai, their lives were sweet and involved more throbbing feelings.  

As for Ye Zi Xiao, he stood on top of the Yip Group at the age of twenty. But at the moment, what remained of the Yip group was only one that was entangled, chaotic, hurriedly retreating and embattled.

After the Yip case broke out, the stock price plummeted and continued to go down daily for many days.

At the same time, Zhang Shi Yong aggressively announced the divorce with Ye Qiao while separating from the Yip Group, and started a new company. He also swept away with him all the businesses, real estate teams, and customers; half of Yip group.

Suppliers and distributors, whether instigated by Zhang Shi Yong or eager to protect themselves, one by one, had terminated all contracts. The large capital of the group suddenly ruptured.

The skyscraper was about to collapse. The fourth young master, who was arrogant and overbearing in the past, now had to put down his pride and run everywhere to seek capital. 

The Yip group had a large market but had sunk down too quickly, everyone said they were powerless and were unwilling to invest money into the sinking ship. Even the bank that had a good relationship with them also said that if Ye Zi Xiao couldn’t stabilize the stock price and credit rating in a short amount of time, they would have to recover the initial huge loans.

The only person willing to inject funds was Zhang Shi Yong, but he wanted to buy out Yip group with extremely unfavorable conditions.

Ye Zi Xiao had only said one word “Out!” to the negotiators that Zhang Shi Yong sent.

Ye Zi Xiao was mentally ready for bankruptcy. Right at this time, Ye Jin in the prison, asked to see him.

She had been the most clear-headed person in the whole Yip Group, always using her own way and in full force protected the Ye family. This time was no exception.

“Zi Xiao, Yip group isn’t in as bad a condition as you think. The thin dying camel is still better than a horse, still has the foundation, and still has dominance in the industry and business networks. As long as we pass this difficult hurdle, it’s very easy for Yip group to make a comeback. Any smart investors can see this clearly. No one is willing to invest now because they all want to take advantage of the situation, pressing the selling price of your shares to be even lower.”  

“I have a college classmate, her husband is a wealthy businessman who’s living in Hong Kong and a very influential man in the whole Southeast Asia. You can try to contact him. I heard this person has a very large amount of assets, and a smart mind in business. You have to be mentally prepared; perhaps his bid will be even unfavorable than Zhang Shi Yong. But he’s a professional investor and wouldn’t have the intention to swallow up the whole Yip group.  As long as he’s willing to inject funds to save Yip group, what we lost today we can get it back in the future.”

Ye Zi Xiao quickly got in contact with the rich businessman in Hong Kong.

Just as Ye Jin expected, his asking price was, even more, ruthless than Zhang Shi Yong’s. But only 40% of the Yip shares were bought, and he also proposed withdrawal conditions in the future. In the other words, as long as Ye Zi Xiao was able to earn enough money, he could absolutely buy back these shares.

The two sides signed the contract today; Ye Zi Xiao personally called him.

The rich businessman’s surname was Chen, his tone was very easygoing, giving no pressure to Ye Zi Xiao. After conversing for a few minutes, Ye Zi Xiao couldn’t help but ask: “Why are you willing to believe me?”

Mr.Chen smiled and answered: “Not every young man undergoes the experience of falling from the top to the abyss like you.”

Ye Zi Xiao felt bitter inside. Silent for a moment, he then replied: “Thank you, I won’t let you down.”

“Cut a piece of flesh to feed to the tiger”, but it was still a road for escape, but the road ahead was bumpy.  

Many years later, Ye Zi Xiao’s life was only one of transactions and the chase of money, powers, and benefits. And the once young and frivolous years, a former love, confusion, frustration and wanton pursuit of self-worth were insignificant before the rebirth of Yip Group.

He also didn’t expect, that a few days later, because of  Mr. Chen, he once again saw Xu Xu, this girl who had become out of reach for him.  This girl, many years later, still made his heart ache whenever thought of her.

A Saturday afternoon, the sun was just right, Lin city was calm, the street was full of carefree men and women.

Ji Bai was sitting in the empty office room surfing the web. On the side of his hand were a cup of tea and a takeaway box.

Lao Wu had a little work at the office. Seeing Ji Bai, he smiled and asked: “You aren’t accompanying your girlfriend?”

Ji Bai, of course, would like to accompany Xu Xu. He was an Interpol officer, very busy whenever there was a case, with no private time. These rare easy few days, he naturally wanted to have Xu Xu close at hand, ready to be intimate and deepen their feelings. However Xu Xu was even busier than him, even during the weekend, there was no sight of her.

After Lao Wu left, Ji Bai sat for a moment before picking up the car keys, driving to the police academy to find Xu Xu.

It was the afternoon, the sun-dappled the solemn and tidy campus.  The brown building always had people coming and going. Ji Bai walked around the building, easily finding Xu Xu working hard in a small office.

Today, Xu Xu was going to attend a specialty report seminar as requested by a professor. She was busily preparing materials. When Ji Bai suddenly appeared, Xu Xu was a little surprised, but she frowned and said: “The meeting is about to begin soon, it will last for at least three hours.”

Ji Bai calmly sat down opposite to her: “No problem, I’m also interested in the seminar content so I’ve come to listen.”

Since he already said so, Xu Xu disregarded him and kept on working.

Ji Bai picked up the documents on the table: “Long-term second level criminal psychology database and computer applications”. He wasn’t interested, so he simply rested his arms on the back of the chair and watched his girlfriend.

Because of today’s participation in the school’s professional seminar, Xu Xu was wearing a black suit which enhanced her snow-white skin even more. Perhaps because of staying in the closed office for so long, her cheeks were a little red, the soft hair had fallen on her forehead, making her look innocently cute.  

Xu Xu suddenly looked up at him, her cheeks seemed redder, and frowned: “You go back first, you’re distracting me here.”

Expelled from the office, Ji Bai stood leaning on the car and lit up a cigarette. Thinking of her slightly embarrassed but also a little impatient look, he slightly smiled and didn’t plan to leave.

They had only been official for two weeks, Xu Xu had been very thoughtful and meticulous towards him, moreover, she, even more, feminine than he expected. She prepared breakfast for him every morning and reminded him to pay attention to the change of weather. During intimate moments, she was very compliant and even took the initiative even though they still remained in the hugging and kissing stage.

She didn’t put on a front and wasn’t timid. Her straightforwardness and sincerity made him feel very touched. And many times, she also wanted him to do things that boyfriends should do. Thinking up to here, Ji Bai’s smile deepened.

But Ji Bai knew, he still had a long way before he conquered all of Xu Xu’s heart.

Ji Bai looked calm and restrained, mature. But in fact, deep inside his bones, he was a man of great conquest.  That year he left Beijing and came to work at Lin city’s police force, one could see his determined and competitive character.

A man with work, with women, was also the same.  

He wanted to conquer Xu Xu.

This kind of conquest was not to stay above to control her, and even more not making her lose her independence. He really liked her independence, and also treasured her strong personality.

He just hoped that his woman, one day, would with her whole body and mind, passionately love him. Passionately loving each other, nothing could replace it, that kind of love was the ideal state. And with Xu Xu, the feeling to conquer was, even more, intense.

Although Xu Xu now liked him, she seemed to view love the same as work and study. Planning step by step, slowly integrating, extremely clear-headed and calm.

It seemed, to make Xu Xu love him even more dearly, he needed to continue to “fight”.

Ji Bai stood outside the building for a moment, when it was approaching the time for the seminar, the students entering the classroom increased, and there were also a few leaders of the school.

Ji Bai recognized them, greeted a few words, one of them asked: “What are you here for today?”

Ji Bi looked at the notice of the seminar placed on the wall, smiled and answered: “I came to do something, finished it. Seeing that there’s a seminar today, I’m very interested, is it convenient for me to attend?”

The seminar started on time. The classroom was enough to accommodate hundreds of people without any empty seats.

Xu Xu thought that Ji Bai had gone off, so she sat at the work area concentrating on the preparation of materials. She was the first one to come onto the stage to present. Before the seminar started, the moderator introduced the leaders presented, and especially excitedly and honored, stressed of a leader invited here: “Ji Bai, vice-captain of the city criminal squad, everyone please applaud to welcome Vice-captain Ji.”

The blazing lights, Xu Xu didn’t intend to mind Ji Bai sitting in the audience. However, his position was too conspicuous, the middle of the first row, just right to face her. Under everyone’s watchful eyes, his eyes with a faint smile were staring and never left her face the whole time.

Xu Xu was presenting fairly well, spoke very clearly with an expressionless face. Stepping down the stage, a junior on the side said: “Senior… drink some water and take it easy.”

Xu Xu: “I’m not nervous.”

The junior glanced at her red face: “Oh.”

The seminar was about to end, Ji Bai was invited on stage to answer questions raised by the students.

At first, Xu Xu had her head down and was not looking at him. But listening to his deep and powerful voice, concisely answering a few questions about his profession and receiving bravado applauses from students, she couldn’t help but look up.

Under the light, he was wearing a long-sleeved casual shirt, but his tall figure stood out, solemn face, sharp eyes. From him emitted a calm, cold, and resilient aura, attracting everyone’s attention.

Staring at him for a moment, Xu Xu decided to forgive him for using work for a private matter of his; daring to tease him in front of the crowd.  

Ten minutes after the seminar ended, Xu Xu got into Ji Bai’s car.

Tonight, Zhao Han and his friend had an engagement ceremony at a hotel and had invited the close colleagues at the police station to attend.

Because there were also colleagues from other sections, in order to avoid arousing suspicion, after stopping the car, Xu Xu went upstairs first. Seeing her carrying a large bag, Ji Bai asked: “You’re not leaving it in the car?”

Xu Xu lightly shook her head: “I have to change clothes.”

The black suit she was wearing indeed inappropriate, Ji Bai didn’t bother to think more. He sat in the car for a moment before slowly walking inside.

The ceremony was held in the hotel’s garden which was lit up with bright lights. There were people everywhere, full of men and women dressed in formal clothing. Ji Bai stood at the entrance for a moment, but still did not find Xu Xu. Then sitting in the corner row near the sea of people, someone called for him: “Boss, over here.”

Ji Bai just sat down, Da Hu nudged his arm, and whispered: “Look, she’s wearing a dress.”


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  2. thanks a lot—-!
    -shakes head- it is unfortunate for ye zi xiao…but it’s a good lesson for him, huh? though, such a burden—-
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  3. Thanks for the chapter. I hope your classes aren’t to stressful.

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  4. Tiffy, thanks so much for the dedication to keep on translating…esp when classes starts.

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  8. I don’t get it. It says that many years passed in Ye Zi Xiao ‘ s life but then xuxu and ji bae have been dating for 2 weeks. How is that?

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