When a Snail Loves by Ding Mo: Part 52

WARNING: The part in the car after the party of the chapter might be too hot aka sexual for some folks 🙂 lol 

Xu Xu gave the impression that she’s a person who doesn’t pay attention to her clothing style. The invariable dress suit at work and casual sportswear outside of work, other than that, she never wore any makeup along with the indifferent expression on her face, all the more to made her look simple and plain.

But in fact, Xu Xu was actually very tedious about her clothing. However, she only wore the style that “she deemed to be the appropriate style for her”.

For example, she would always buy sophisticated mature women pajamas, cozy yet slightly sexy and at the same time quite feminine.

Xu Xu was quite selective of her sportswear. She always chose lightweight materials, breathable, waterproof, quick to dry ones belonging to the highest quality and advanced within the sportswear brands. But the sportswear she had were very limited in style and didn’t look fancy.

At work, she deliberately dressed formally and in older style- the public’s image of police is mature, reliable, moreover, she was very much aware of her relatively young and delicate appearance making it difficult to gain public’s trust. Therefore, she wanted to offset that in the clothing aspect.  

Usually, Xu Xu didn’t wear skirts for the convenience of moving around. In fact, she had tons of dresses at home, which were brought on a whim by Xu Jun, enough to meet the functions and needs for various occasions.

For example, at the moment, she was wearing a long black halter dress with large V-neck cut on the back along with a pair of black sandals. She was casually standing at the beverage section sipping on a drink.

Amidst the presence of many tall, beautiful and young girls today, Xu Xu’s dress looked quite normal.

But there had been quite a few people who noticed her.

Her skin was very light and thin. Under the dim light, the black dress greatly enhanced her skin. The dress design was quite bold although with lace pattern, however, the whole smooth white back of Xu Xu’s was still half exposed and half hidden, obviously not very revealing but she still looked much more alluring than those slim hot girls with long legs.

This dress was brought by Xu Jun from a luxury brand. He also specifically looked for people to repair the waist and shorten the hem so  that it hugged Xu Xu’s body tightly at the right fit. Although having a petite build, she had all the right curves, all those beautiful curves were exposed wearing the dress.

Hu Ge made a few approving sounds but didn’t say anything and toasted Ji Bai with a glass of wine.

Ji Bai was distracted looking at Xu Xu. At this moment, he slightly smiled and touched He Gu’s glass.

He slowly sipped the wine, but his eyes always quietly followed her. Surprised that she would dare to wear such a bold dress.

Among the guests at the engagement party were Zhao’s friends, classmates but also the bride’s relatives and friends. The outdoor garden was submerged in the shimmering water light, softly dimmed lights, people were everywhere.

Ji Bai, Da Hu, and several older men were sitting in a corner chatting while drinking and eating. Occasionally someone came to greet, but other than that, the place was quite peaceful and comfortable.

Xu Xu only stood for a moment before Zhao Han’s finance dragged her to sit with a bunch of her close girlfriends. After a while, Man Man dragged Xu Xu to go get something to eat.

Tonight’s dinner wasn’t the traditional engagement parties style, but in an open buffet style. The dining room was also on the same floor, and a door opened to connect to the garden. They were holding a plate of hand pick foods and came to a corner of the barbecue area. It was summer, few people were eating barbecue, the barbecue chef with a white coat with his hands behind his back leisurely smiled toward the two girls.

Man Man said: “Zhao Han really likes to eat grilled squid.”, then began to pick.

Xu Xu stood beside and looked at her for a moment, then looked up to say to the chef: “Can I use your tools and ingredients to grill by myself?”

Several people from the main branch came over to toast, JI Bai drank with them and spoke a few words with them. When they left, Ji Bai looked up to find that Xu Xu wasn’t sitting there anymore.

A criminal investigator’s observation capability, of course, aren’t to be overlooked. Ji Bai looked around once and immediately detected the petite figure at the dining room by the garden.

But… she was grilling?

The transparent glass wall, tree shadows surrounded the dining room, lit by bright orange lights, delicious food were presented everywhere.

Xu Xu had her head down, stood in front of a large black iron grill, grilling something, very focused, her two hands were constantly busy.

Who knew when she wore that very large ill-fitting white shirt and on her head was a hat worn crookedly. And the genuine cook and Zhao Han’s girlfriend were smiling and standing on the side watching her grill.

At this time, Da Hu said: “I’m going to get something to eat, do you want any?

Ji Bai’s smile deepened: “I’ll wait a while more.”

After a while, he saw her taking off the cooking attire, holding the plate of food with Man Man following behind, slowly walked towards his table.

His table was full of acquaintances like Lao Wu, Zhao Han… They all knew of this matter, but nobody directly pointed it out. Da Hu also pretended to pull a chair and put it between Ji Bai and him: “Xu Xu, sit here.”

Everyone smiled, Ji Bai also smiled, he leisurely leaned back against the chair and staring at his little girl.

Xu Xu also strictly abided by the low-key principle, she casually sat down next to him, placed the plate full of food on the table but didn’t tell him to eat.

Man Man smiled, said: “This is what Xu Xu personally grilled, everyone have a taste, it’s, even more, delicious than the genuine chef’s.

Everybody looked down, it’s really looked delicious- golden and shining meat, fresh colors, and fragrant.

Ji Bai looked at the plate of food then looked at the little girl sitting beside him with her head lowered. The food was very alluring making him feel this indescribable feeling.

But he didn’t move his chopsticks before Da Hu quickly used a fork to picked up a piece of steak and stuffed into his mouth, his expression became slightly ecstatic: “Xu Xu, did you learn how to cook? So delicious.”

Looking at Da Hu fork up the largest tenderloin into his mouth, Xu Xu brow slightly shook. At this time, Zhao Han also picked a piece, then was full of praises.

Ji Bai and Xu Xu looked at each other.

Xu Xu was about to speak, but Ji Bai had already pulled the plate in front of him, he faintly smiled and said: “Did she grill it for you?”

Everybody laughed loudly, Xu Xu’s face turned hot.  Ji Bai picked up the chopsticks and began to eat the food, another hand under the table quietly held Xu Xu’s hand.

Later, a higher up called Ji Bai to speak, he did not come back for a long time. Man Man then pulled Xu Xu to her own table. Xu Xu sat for a while and listened to the girls talked about cosmetics and gossip. She felt really bored, picked up a glass of water and strolled in the garden.

In front was the shiny pool, Xu Xu walked towards it to see several young girls standing by the pool talking. The person was wearing a red dress with the beautiful smile was Yao Meng.

Rejected by Ji Bai on that night, Yao Meng had stood in the rain for a long time. Back to Lin City, she had got a bad cold. Perhaps being physically and mentally exhausted, she had been sickly for a while before getting better. So Yao Meng had asked for sick leave and only returned to work next Monday. Today, she came to attend Zhao Han’s engagement party.

Seeing Xu Xu not far from there, a girl whispered to Yao Meng: “I heard that Xu Xu and Ji Bai are seeing each other? Is that fake or true? How come I can’t see it?”

Yao Meng looked at Xu Xu’s dress, felt her heart silently shrink, chest slightly tighten, she smiled and answered: “I’m not very clear.”

The girls left after greeting Xu Xu with few words. Since Yao Meng was on sick leave because of a cold, the team wasn’t too concerned. Seeing Yao Meng’s pale face now, Xu Xu asked all concerned: “Are you better now?”

Yao Meng did not want to talk to Xu Xu, so she just stared at the water and smiled: “It’s nothing.”

Xu Xu was stunned. Yao Meng’s smile was very faint, almost fleeting, but her sharp eyes could catch that underneath that smile hid many feelings, a little tragic, self-ridicule, sarcasm and also disgust.

They remained silent. After that, Yao Meng glanced at her and turned away.

Xu Xu stood there for a moment before the phone rang, it’s a message from Ji Bai: “Let’s head back.”

Xu Xu answered: “Good.”

The car drove in the quiet of the night, Ji Bai was in a good mood, he occasionally glanced at the little girl beside and wore a faint smile on the corner of his mouth.

After a while, Xu Xu asked: “You rejected Yao Meng?”

Ji Bai focused on driving, faintly answered: “Yeah.”

Xu Xu didn’t ask anymore.

When they reached Xu Xu’s apartment complex, downstairs the surrounding was peaceful without a soul. Xu Xu smiled and looked up at Ji Bai, and frankly waited for the parting kiss.

Ji Bai laughed, placed a hand on the back of Xu Xu’s seat, one hand held up her chin and placed his lips down.

This was the usual sweet kiss. However, Ji Bai inadvertently looked at her bare pale back and the indistinctive beautiful curves from behind, the desire he had been suppressing arose by the provocative scene, making it unbearable.

His kiss slowly moved along Xu Xu’s face and slid down her neck, he softly said: “Xu Xu, sit on my lap.”

(People who still innocent can skip till where you can see (THIS IS THE END OF IT) *winks*)

Xu Xu pulled back and dodged his burning lips and tongue.

In other areas, Xu Xu can be seen as “great mind, foolish appearance*” but in the area between male and female, she couldn’t be any more innocent than at this moment.

(* Look foolish/ slow on the outside due to the indifferent attitude but really smart on the inside. )

Every time she kissed with Ji Bai, her heart always pounded loudly, and her face also became very hot, even though she still looked indifferent and calm on the outside. Perhaps Ji Bai wasn’t satisfied with their intimacy level at the moment, but to Xu Xu, she was already very much satisfied and happy.

Ji Bai’s request just now was clearly explicitly sexual, they would come in closer physical contact, more intimate and no longer at the kissing stage. Of course, this made Xu Xu feel nervous and hesitant.

Her hesitation and embarrassment didn’t escape Ji Bai’s eyes. He still pulled her toward the place between the two seats. He didn’t speak, just looked at her with interest. Seconds later, Xu Xu blushed and with determination said, “Alright.”

Within the closed space, Xu Xu sat on Ji Bai’s lap, both her arms were around his neck, face positioned to kiss him. Feeling her soft body stuck close to his body, all his senses completely melted. His kiss became increasingly hotter, the big hand originally on her waist quietly moved through the soft curves and glided up to her plump breasts.

Just as he touched the soft hills, Ji Bai felt Xu Xu tense up and quickly slap his disobedient hand: “Give you an inch, and you take a mile.”

Ji Bai smiled and used his strength to hold Xu Xu closer into his embrace. He kissed her lips then kissed along down her neck and her pale shoulder. Xu Xu’s face turned red, she closed her eyes tightly and her eyelashes slightly trembled. He kissed her for a while then silently placed his hands on her breasts once again.


When she opened the door to get off, Xu Xu’s dress was disheveled and her cheeks were flushed crimson red. Ji Bai was also a little flushed, he happily hugged Xu Xu while walking towards the apartment building.

Taking a few steps, Ji Bai inadvertently saw that a black BMW was being parked ten meters away from them.

Xu Xu also saw the car and pondered in silence.

Ji Bai softly asked: “Do you want me to accompany you?”

Xu Xu replied: “No, you go first”

Ji Bai nodded, he released her and went back to the car but he didn’t turn it on but reached into his pocket to find a smoke but pulled out a box of gum instead that Xu Xu had prepared in the pocket, he slightly smiled and took a piece, quietly watched Xu Xu outside the car.

The BMW’s rear door opened, Ye Zi Xiao got out.

Seeing Ye Zi Xiao once again, Xu Xu only smiled and waited for him to speak.

 Ye Zi Xiao looked down to observe her.

Seeing her in a feminine dress, seeing the obviously calm but bright eyes of hers, Ye Zi Xiao felt happy for her but also a little sad. Although these feelings were very fleeting but when words were uttered, he was very warm and calm: “Are you doing good these days?”

Xu Xu nodded: “What about you?”

Ye Zi Xiao replied: “I’m fine.” Too good actually, it could not get any better.

After being silent for a moment, Ye Zi Xiao smiled, said: “Soon, there will be a joint action between Chinese-Burmese to combat against cross-border crimes?”

Xu Xu stayed silent. Recently she also heard that there were plans to contact the Myanmar Ministry of Public Security, the cross-border hunt of “Brother Lu” a criminal group related personnel. But of course, this could not be disclosed to Ye Zi Xiao.
Ye Zi Xiao continued: “Recently, I have been told so by a friend from Southeast Asia. He’s a patriotic businessman with some underworld background, and also has friends in Myanmar. He has some clues related to the case, but he cannot personally come forward. So he asked me to convey it to the police.

One more chapter will be posted today. If I have time, I will translate more chapters this week but I’m so busy since almost time for midterms but I’ll be able to do more after midterms.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the chapter ^^


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  1. thanks a lot—!
    woo—-! oh, yeah well, i can tell that xu xu’s very meticulous with all aspects of her life, as compared to people who are only mticulous with their work. lol, xu jun buying her numerous dresses, rofl! cute sibling relationship—-! also, so hilarious about the food scene, when people started taking the food xu xu grilled for ji bai and herself! woah, that car scene, ahaha—-! it’s ok—- oh, ye zi xiao, huh? i’m glad he seems better, and calmer now! -thumbs up to him- gives me feels though! hm—next chapter, more police-related stuff?

  2. They are getting adventurous with their intimacy:) I can feel more cases are coming for next chapters. You can get thrills of action and romance…thank you, your translation is very good. If I want to help out a bit of your computer repair costs…thru donate or that one is only for your charity works?

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  5. Thanks so much!! How funny , the meat grilling scene at the party.. and I was caught of guard when she knew and asked directly that he had rebuffed Yao Meng..

  6. Kinda sad for Yao Meng since Xuxu got everything.
    But Yao Meng is eyeing at what doesn’t belong to her, she should quickly realise what Ji Bai told her in the beginning. Make a place for herself using her own accomplishments.

    Thank you for your translations 🙂
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