Apology Note

Hi guys,

It’s been a while. Just want to apologize for my 1-year disappearance without any notice.

I hate the wait as well when I read but I did it to you guys so it’s a bitter guilt. I feel bad

But.. (excuses, terrible I know T_T)

A lot of things happened in real life so this was the last thing on my mind and before I know it. It has been more than a year.

I was going to pick up but I saw that another person had picked up where I’ve left off. That’s great (AWESOME) and of course scary in a way ….comparisons T_T

You can find the continuation here from where I left off here =>  tranzgeek 

(I hope this is okay..I don’t have permission to link, should be fine..I think)

So I’m going revise my works so it’s better for me and for you….. (but mostly me…)

Once again, I apologize. I’ve been reading so I’ve found some great historical ones. I probably pick one up as an apology and compensation to you guys. Let me know if you guys have one in mind.

I’ve been reading so I’ve found some great historical ones. I probably pick one up as an apology and compensation to you guys. Let me know if you guys have one you really want.



21 thoughts on “Apology Note

  1. Welcome back. Hope all is well. Have been reading a novel titled “Hilarious pampered consort :Lord I will wait for your divorce “. The translator dropped it after 26 chapters. Would be nice if you could consider picking it up.

    Take care

  2. Hey Tiffy, I’ve missed you! It’s great knowing that you’re okay 😉 I’m glad that nothing happened to you since your sudden disappearance for such a long time was a little unprecedented. *pats* I hope life is going well for you now!

    I feel super bad for picking up your novel during your absence so if you would like it back, feel free 😄

    As to prevent more worrywarts in the future (mainly me lol) it would be nice if you could let us know when you go on hiatus next time 😘

  3. Welcome back! As you move through life, sometimes you have to put down something in order to carry something else, without knowing when you’ll be able to pick it up again.

  4. Happy to see you back , I loved the “When the snail loves”, as a selfish person, I will ask for a modern novel as your next project. But still as a translator I should leave the choice to you

  5. Welcome back. 😊 I’m sure we all know that life happens. I’m grateful for all you’ve done.
    I would love to be able to finish reading Princess Wei Yang if you’d be interested in translating it.

  6. Knowing that you are okay, it all that matters. I was the one who suggested to tranzgeek if she could pick up where you left off. We did try to ask for your permission and waited for a while for your response and yet there’s no any news from your side…until she decided to for it. Hope it’s all okay with you. I am now excited waiting for your next project. Are you taking back the translation or let tranzgeek to finish it?

  7. Hi Tiffy, welcome back. Understand that you have ups and downs and hope all are settle now.

    Would indeed appreciate if you can continue to translate another Ding Mo novel Our Glamorous Time as it is Ding Mo, and it has been in hiatus like forever. Can you please?.

    Appreciate all your hardwork

  8. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 You’re backk… I have missed you!! Life is unexpected, and there are certain situations where you can’t do anything. I hope everything is fine now. I hope everything is better than yesterday was for you, always. Love Riz 😁😁😁

  9. Welcome back and glad you’re ok..I’d love it if you picked a historical one. Those ones are so difficult to read with google translate.But truthfully, I would read anything you decided to translate , so up to you

  10. good to hear from you and that all is well. the apology is unnecessary and embarrassing even, afterall you are spending your personal time and effort for strangers like me to read and enjoy. thank you so much for all your efforts

  11. Great to hear from you and know that you are back. I dont think you need to apologize to anyone, its your efforts that we enjoy reading such stories. I am grateful for all these stories.
    I agree with another reader on asking if you can translate – Hilarious pampered consort :Lord I will wait for your divorce – it was discontinued by another translator.
    Thanks and big hugs

  12. Welcome back.
    I wonder if a xianxia novel is considered part of historical?…I would recommend you check out 佳偶天成 A Match Made in Heaven by 十四郎 . It sounds pretty lighthearted and entertaining.

  13. Welcome back! It’s alright, we all have times when reality intrudes and you just can’t get away.. Hope you’re doing all better now 🙂
    I don’t know about historical novels, but you can pick up You Dare Marry Me, I Dare Marry You by Xin Xin Xiang Rong. I’ve heard that it’s a great novel but no one has translated it as of yet..

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