Character List

I think this might be useful to some readers. I,myself, some have the character name mixed up so I’m sure others have the some problem as well. (It’s partly my fault)

No.1 proofreader did the list at our google drive so I copied them.

These characters are important and the most relevant. Not a full list of characters. I’ll probably try to add every character later, just not now.

Xu Xu- Main Female Character (24 years old)

Xu Jun- Xu Xu’s brother 

Ji Bai- Main Male Character (28 years old)/ vice captain of a criminal investigation team. (usually address as captain- not vice captain specifically)

Zhao Han-  The interviewer in the first chapter and good friend. 

Yao Meng – Xu Xu co-worker, interested in Ji Bai(rejected lol).

Liu Zhixun– Deputy director and captain of criminal investigation team. 

Officer Wu / Lao Wu -Yao meng’s mentor. 

Ogo / Da Hu aka Big: He’s the first one to found out that JB is interested in XuXu. 

Liu Ying: Deputy director at the provincial police. Appeared in the human trafficking case.

Ye Zi Xiao – Xu Xu pursuer possible second male lead so far? , CEO of DTLT,youngest son(25 y/o-c20) 

Ye Zi Xi – Zhi Xiao cousin and atm dead at the latest chapter. went to university in beijing. 

Ye Zi Lan-Ye Zi Xiao’s father, chairman of company’s(L corporation) shareholders Ye is family name, Zi is the middle name. sometimes used together.](c12)

Ye Qiao Shi-Ye Zi Xiao’s third sister

Ye Zi Qiang-Ye Zi Xiao’s eldest brother

Zhang Shi Yong -Ye Qiao’s husband, Zi Xiao’s brother-in-law

Ye Jin-Zi Xiao’s second sister, he is closest to her after Zi Xi (married)

Ye Lan Chi-Ye Zi Xi’s deceased father. Died when she was 3 y/o.

Shu Hang-Ji Bai’s close friend in Beijing. 

Yang Yu- Criminal in the first case