A place where I share spoilers. You can ask me anything as well.

I know 99% of my readers love spoilers so I made this place for you. ^^

WASL by DING MO’s Spoilers.

Around 2 more chapters => all about Ji Bai + Xu Xu and no case.

Xu Xu will wear a revealing dress to a party.

Ye Zi Xiao will appear soon.

What Xu Xu likes the most on Ji Bai’s body is the waist. (from side story)

Yao Meng will meet another “guy” who will become one of the important characters as well.

Yao Meng will resign in the future.

9 thoughts on “Spoilers

    • I don’t think she will ever find out. Yes he still remembers and thinks of her but because of his company situation, private life is put aside. She will continue to hold a place in his heart even in the distance future

    • Yes, the ideal schedule is Saturday and Sunday because I only have time then but last week was first week of new quarter so too busy and worn out. I’ll try to makeup for those chapters soon.

      • Thank you so much for the translation and for warning us when there was sexy scenes.

  1. I’d been refreshing this site for a n times since late last night:) your translation is really good, thank you!

  2. What’s gonna happen when JB see her wearing a dress? They are going to have their love moment?
    I feel bad for Zi Xiao. I dont want him to end alone. What you can tell me about his love future?

  3. Olá Tiffy, sou do Brasil assistir a serie e amei, fiquei muito feliz quando achei seu site e comecei a ler o livro mas infelizmente vc parou a postagem no cap 54 , vc nao tem intensao de terminar o livro estou louca para ler ate o final vc poderia me informar se ja tem esse livro traduzido para vender e aonde eu posso comprar, Desde já agradeço sua atenção, obrigado.


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